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About Geass
About Geass
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The perfect seal for soft tissues


Our philosophy

Geass is the Italian company which has been focusing on quality and innovation for thirty years, to transform dental implantology into smiles.

Research and Development activity, collaboration with important universities, relations with professionals from the sector and the excellence of the Geass manufacturing plant all optimize the marriage between industry and science, guaranteeing innovative, reliable and safe solutions.

Excellence that Geass exports over the Italian borders: the company sells in over 10 Countries in the world and has two branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Geass does not just limit its offer to the dental industry, it also includes a range of specific and complete tailor-made services:  from digital dentistry to didactic and multidisciplinary paths for professional updating of dentists and dental technicians, from the management of the dental practice, to improve efficiency and effectiveness, through to marketing and communication to retain and gain patients.

Quality control

A totally internal production for the manufacture of Way and Omny implants, with an automized  clean room which has its environmental data constantly controlled. There is also a rigid control of the quality, carried out on 100% of the medical devices manufactured, followed over all the critical production processes.

  • decontamination
  • packaging
  • management of the contamination controlled spaces
  • surface treatment
  • sterilization

To guarantee biocompatibility as well as chemical and microbiological safety of the implants, Geass has created a complete and complex protocol system for validation, through 70 different types of analysis.

 The CE quality certificates (TUV) derive from all these plus points and therefore guarantee for the safety of way and Omny medical devices.

Geass is also a synonym for efficiency: thanks to exact programming of production, monitoring of the stock and an efficient internal management, the orders are carried out in record time: 98 times out of 100 within 24 hours.

Research and Development

In Geass, more than 5% of the turnover is invested in Research and Development.

A specific department, made up of biologists, engineers and a scientific supervisor, constantly cooperates with the most important Universities, Research Institutes and professionals from the world of implantology to breathe life into projects in line with the needs and requests from the market.

The added value is that the resources used are aimed at a concrete target: to satisfy the necessities of the final user. In Geass, in fact, research is finalized to satisfy real needs. Once the problem has been identified, thanks to an open dialogue and continuous discussions with the opinion leaders from the sector, effort is made to find innovative solutions that lead to clinical advantages. 

The research activities concern:

  • the study of the mechanics
  • the study of artificial surface roughening
  • the study of the shape of the implant
  • the study of the material used

Know-how, diligence, capability and determination help Geass persevere to promote horizontal links between science and industry to complete the great challenge which is innovation.

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