What is a dental implant

Why choose Geass

Geass is the Italian company which for more than thirty years aims at quality and innovation in order to transform the dental implantology into smiles.

Geass products are 100% made in Italy and subjected to strict controls.


Dental implant:
what is it and which advantages does it give?

The implant is a pivot realized in pure titanium, a metal which is well-tolerated by our organism.
It acts as a support for the tooth,  substituting the missing root.

impianto dentale

Geass implants improve the quality of our life!

The decision of substituting missing teeth with Geass dental implants is an investment which improves health and physical appearance.

A dental implant allows to:

  • preserve the beauty, improving the smile
  • recover self-confidence and serenity,  in order to show yourself in public
  • guarantee the comfort, thanks to a sense of naturalness which is comparable to natural teeth

Geass’ dental implants allow the correct bone stimulation providing the masticatory force, which is fundamental to preserve the facial features. This force avoids the gradual bone shrinking, unavoidable in case of lack of support, restoring the functionality and actually behaving like an original root.

impianto dentale

The implant success derives from several factors:

  • accurate diagnosis
  • precise and personalized consultation
  • quality materials
  • professional dental treatment.