Take care of your smile

Why choose Geass

Geass offers it customers a lifelong guarantee on its range of implants and prosthetic components.

impianti dentali garanzia a vita

A guarantee of reliability and safety offered after 30 years of clinical evidence, which has given a smile to thousands of patients.


Take care of your smile

Thanks to Geass’ implants, you rediscovered the pleasure of smiling and the serenity of showing yourself in public. In order to preserve this quality of life, it is important to take care of your own implant in the long term. Exactly how for a natural tooth, the implant requires regular checkups and an accurate oral hygiene.
Let’s see together which are the main aspects to be remembered during the post-implantation therapy.

What to do immediately after the operation
After the operation, use ice outside the treated area, in order to avoid pain and swelling.

Take medicines according to your dentist’s prescriptions.

Oral hygiene
In order to avoid bleeding in the oral cavity, it is better not  to rinse using mouthwashes during the first few hours after the operation.

During the entire recovery period, the implant can be covered by a “healing screw” or by a temporary prosthesis. To ensure a safe healing, avoid chewing hard foods on the side of the implant positioning

What to avoid
Lying down
For the first few days we recommend to sit in order to keep your head lifted if compared with the body, day and night. Furthermore, we do not recommend to lie down on the side on which the implant was inserted.

Driving immediately after the operation
The anesthetics could alter the ability to drive: ask the dentist for indications.

Using the toothbrush on the treated area
The dentist will suggest you the best way to clean the treated area without using the toothbrush, up to the surgical stiches removal.

Eating after the operation
Wait up to the depletion of the anesthetic effect before eating.

Bad habits and sports
Avoid drinking alcohol, nicotine, coffee, tea, sports and physical efforts for the first few days after the operation.

When you should consult the dentist
The implant insertion has become a routine procedure; however the side effects, although they’re very infrequent, can occur. If you may notice one of the following symptoms, or in cases of doubt, call immediately your dentist.

Day of surgery
throbbing pain
long lasting bleeding
slackening of the temporary tooth

After 12 hours
numbness sensation in the treated area

The following days
pain or swelling on the treated area

An implant is like a natural tooth: take care of it!
Regular checkups ensure the maintenance of the functionalities and the aesthetic result of the implant, for the patient’s total safety.
The dentist will show you the best way to take care of the implant: traditional or electric toothbrush and dental floss will be the allies of your smile!