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geass dental implants
The way forward in implantology is all Italian
100% producers of smiles
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The perfect seal for soft tissues


Our philosophy

Geass is the Italian company which has been focusing on quality and innovation for thirty years, to transform dental implantology into smiles.

The production line totally internal, with rigorous controls on 100% of the medical devices, collaborations with important universities and discussions with professionals from the sector to optimize the marriage between industry and science, guarantee innovative, reliable and safe solutions.

Know-how, diligence and determination help Geass to persevere to win the great challenge of innovation.


Our implants

Geass makes its Way and Omny implant system available in order to gain excellent results in all clinical cases and to better respond to the patient's expectations.

Geass implants are characterized by their unique surgical protocol for diversified prosthetic solutions, to be chosen according to the type of rehabilitation to be carried out. Their conical morphology guarantees primary stability in the short term and in the long term allows for an even distribution of the loads.

The Synthegra implant surface

Synthegra is the laser surface patented by Geass and used on all of the Way and Omny implants. It has thousands of perfectly controlled niches to satisfy two requirements: to reduce the risk of infection which prejudices implant survival and to promote osseointegration in the long term.

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Quality control

A totally internal production for the manufacture of Way and Omny implants, with an automized  clean room which has its environmental data constantly controlled. There is also a rigid control of the quality, carried out on 100% of the medical devices manufactured, followed over all the critical production processes.

Research and Development

In Geass, more than 5% of the turnover is invested in Research and Development.

A specific department, made up of biologists, engineers and a scientific supervisor, constantly cooperates with the most important universities, Research Institutes and professionals from the world of implantology to breathe life into projects in line with the needs and requests from the market.