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Depth probe, universal screwdriver and new pick-up coping


Geass has always been very attentive to the needs of the dental market, therefore, based on some suggestions collected from its customers, the latest product news have been developed.

  • Depth probe: ideal instrument to verify the depth of the ostetomy, thanks to its morphology and to the references every 2 mm; the various sizes are also reported on the shank to facilitate the reading.
  • Universal screwdriver: coupled with the inserts, it provides an easy handling during the insertion of the implants, thus guaranteeing an excellent direction control.
  • The range of Mua components is enriched with a new Pick-up coping, to be used with the individual tray to guarantee a more precise impression taking, thanks to the retentive notches.

All the latest product news will be present in the Omny new catalogue, contact the Export Department for any information!