All for a smile

All for a smile, yours!

Geass is the Italian company which has aimed at quality and innovation to transform dental implantology into smiles for more than 30 years.

100% made in Italy
The production process is totally internal, with rigorous checks carried out on 100% of the medical devices, collaborations with important universities and professionals from the sector optimize the marriage between industry and science, guaranteeing innovative, reliable and safe solutions and Italian quality.

Technology for your wellness
Geass dedicated a lot of resources to research, working in partnership with Universities and centers of excellence, to be able to develop an innovation which guarantees to recover and maintain your smile in the long term. The result of these collaborations is Synthegra, international and made-in-Italy patent for laser treatment of the dental implants surface. Thanks to its features, Synthegra is the only laser surface treatment which acts in two ways: it reduces the bacterial adhesion on the dental implant and promotes the fast implantation into the bone.

Guaranteed for you
As a guarantee to the quality of its products, Geass commits to its clients in the long term: implants and prosthetic components are guaranteed for life, in fact. We provide an implant passport, a simple document issued to the patient when the surgery data are registered, mentioning the products used and check-ups. A simple reminder with which you can find suitable assistance all over the world, if necessary.

Certified quality
More than 2000 dentists in Italy have chosen Geass for the supply of dental impants. The company is synonymous of reliability, safety and innovation. Certified quality according to standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, a quality management system aimed at continuous performance improvement, and UNI EN ISO 13485:2044, prerogatives dealing in the conformity required by medical devices in a global market. To complete the picture of company certification, the CE mark, which certifies conformity of Geass products for implantology and oral surgery to European standards.

Know-how, determination and commitment help Geass to win the greatest challenge: your smile!