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Products and solutions
Products and solutions

Products & solutions


Geass proposes products for advanced and regenerative surgery which help you achieve excellent results in all clinical cases and which best respond to the needs of the dentist and the expectations of the patient. 

 As well as specific instruments for sinus lifts and mini sinus lifts, for split crest interventions or regeneration, dentists have biomaterial, bone substitutes and membranes available to be used during interventions in the management of minor defects and larger bone atrophies. 

 A valid aid in carrying out ideal implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, so achieving excellent results in a predictable way from a functional and esthetic point of view, even in cases which have major tissue defects.



Regenerative surgery in dentistry allows you to remedy unfavorable anatomical and/or esthetic situations for the implant insertion. Tissue regeneration techniques are advanced surgical procedures which are reliable and effective with reduced invasiveness and foresee the insertion of biocompatible materials as a substitute for bone and membranes.…