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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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The perfect seal for soft tissues



Modern dentistry is constantly evolving: today we speak about digital dentistry to focus on new technologies that give an operative support to dentists and clinicians.

That's why Geass offers complete solutions for digital dentistry: digital impression taking, computer assisted surgery and CAD-CAM personalized prosthesis.

Intraoral scanning


Thanks to the intraoral scanner, the clinician can virtually reconstruct the patient’s dental impression and create a 3D representation directly on his pc monitor. The digitalisation of the information allows to streamline the procedures, guaranteeing an accurate and dynamic workflow, through an effective and timely communication between clinic…

Guided surgery


The guided surgery allows to plan the implant insertion precisely, in order to obtain two main clinical advantages:

- to overcome any limit caused by specific anatomical situations;
- to guarantee an excellent rehabilitation also from a prosthetic point of view.

Thank to Geass 3D software, it is possible to provide…



CAD-CAM technology is more and more widespread and used for the creation of prosthetic products in dentistry. Over time, CAD-CAM has evolved to offer even more useful and accessible advantages to dentists, technicians and patients.
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