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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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3D protocol video


Modern dentistry is constantly evolving: today we speak about digital dentistry to focus new technologies that give an operative support to dentists and clinicians.

That's why Geass offers complete solutions for digital dentistry: digital impression taking, computer assisted surgery and CAD-CAM personalized prosthesis.

Guided surgery


Geadrive is the computer assisted surgery which allows you to precisely plan implant insertion, even in cases characterized by particular anatomical situations. Geadrive allows you to carry out accurate and complete diagnoses, plan the optimal position of the implant and design the prosthetic rehabilitation while operating in total safety. It can…



CAD-CAM technology is more and more widespread used for the creation of prosthetic products in dentistry. Over time, CAD-CAM has evolved to offer even more useful and accessible advantages to dentists, technicians and patients.