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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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The perfect seal for soft tissues



Modern dentistry is constantly evolving: today we speak about digital dentistry to focus on new technologies that give an operative support to dentists and clinicians.

That's why Geass offers complete solutions for digital dentistry: digital impression taking, computer assisted surgery and CAD-CAM personalized prosthesis.


CAD-CAM technology is more and more widespread and used for the creation of prosthetic products in dentistry. Over time, CAD-CAM has evolved to offer even more useful and accessible advantages to dentists, technicians and patients.

Laser melting

Titanium and cobalt chromium


Wide range

Our CAD-CAM has a wide range of solutions like titanium, Cobalt Chrome, zirconia, PMMA and laser melting. Processing like titanium and Cobalt Chrome has a particular attention, due to a unique technology which integrates the advantages of milling with the advantages of machining, to overcome the limits of current CAD-CAM productions on implants present on the market.

Bridges, crown and caps

Available in zirconia, Cobalt Chrome, titanium, laser melting and PMMA.

Customized abutment

Available in zirconia and titanium.

Screw-retained crowns

Available in zirconia, Cobalt Chrome, laser melting and PMMA.

Screw-retained bridges and Toronto

Available in zirconia, Cobalt Chrome, titanium, laser melting and PMMA.

Linear bars

Available in Cobalt Chrome and titanium.

Our support

Geass offers a complete support to the technicians who doesn't have a CAD system. Our range of works includes

  • scanning
  • modelling
  • removable gengiva
  • model customization
  • threaded hole

Complete offer

Geass offers a range of accessories to finalize personalized prosthesis and help technicians in their works.


Bases in titanium onto which it is possible to create CAD-CAM products in ceramic material, particularly indicated in cases of high esthetic value.


Digital position transfer in peek or bi-component for conical connections.

Waxup base

Abutment in plastic material to model in resin.

Performa torque

To be used exclusively in lab to tighten the scanbody and the castable abutment in PMMA on the analog, at a predefined torque of 4 Ncm.

Performa screwdriver

To be used in the oral cavity to handle the scanbody on the implants.

Additional screw

Helpful for tightening of the prosthesis.

Digital analog

Specific for the processing, deriving from digital impression taking; complete with implant libraries.

Swing DOF - software Exocad

Swing is the laboratory scanner of the exclusive L shape endowed with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Swing is rapid and intuitive; its high performance USB 3.0 works faster than any other scanner with USB 2.0. Moreover, any articulator is scannable without further processes. From simple cases to complex ones, trust in DOF for your quality digital work.


The single laboratory scanner, compact and fast.