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Products and solutions
Products and solutions


Modern dentistry is constantly evolving: today we speak about digital dentistry to focus on new technologies that give an operative support to dentists and clinicians.

That's why Geass offers complete solutions for digital dentistry: digital impression taking, computer assisted surgery and CAD-CAM personalized prosthesis.

Guided surgery

The guided surgery allows to plan the implant insertion precisely, in order to obtain two main clinical advantages:

- to overcome any limit caused by specific anatomical situations;
- to guarantee an excellent rehabilitation also from a prosthetic point of view.

Thank to Geass 3D software, it is possible to provide accurate and complete diagnoses, to plan the best position of the dental implants and to design the prosthetic rehabilitation. The accuracy and predictability of the surgical result are guaranteed by the use of Geadrive kit, specifically designed and created by Geass, and by the simplicity of the surgical protocol, which allow to perform the intervention in total safety, limiting the time of the operation and offering a minimally invasive intervention to the patient.

The modular kit and appropriate tools

The personalized guide

The reliable software

Geadrive: kit start

Geadrive Start kit supports the dentist in the initial phases, up to the twist drills.

Geadrive way organizer

The Geadrive organizer is a tray designed to contain, in a rational and functional way, the Geadrive Start drills, to carry out guided surgery in the inital phases or Geadrive Final, to be assisted right up to implant insertion. 

Pin drill

The Ø 1.5 drills allows you to create a seat for the fixing pins.

Fixing Pin

The fixing pin allows you to fix the surgical guide.


The Mucotome makes it possible to carry out a circular incision of the soft tissues to avoid laceration.

Centering bore

This creates an entrance for the following drills. It makes a precise entrance point thanks to its perfect centering and excellent stability during perforation phases.

Twist Drill

The twist drill prepares the site based on the implant length.

Drill Extention

This can be used with all of the rotating instruments, it allows you to easily reach the intervention region between two dental elements. 

Geadrive: kit final

Geadrive Final kit assisted the dentist right up to implant placement.
In addition to the components of Start kit, in the Bluebox Geadrive of the Final kit you can find the products below.

Final Drill

The final drill allows you complete the implant site with widening adequate to the dimensions of the implant. 

Enlarger Drill

The Enlarger drill, to be used in cases of D1 bone, creates suitable widening for the osteotomy at the bone level.  





It allows you to use the various inserts manually, giving you the utmost perception and sensitivity in your handling.

Newton torque wrench

Coupled with the inserts, it is used to screw and unscrew the various devices easily and quickly, according to two modes: ratchet (no predefined torque limit) or dynamometric (calibrated torque).

Insert extension

It can be used with all of the manuals inserts and allows you to easily reach regions between two dental elements.

Geass 3D software

Geass 3D is a versatile and complete diagnostic software and for guided surgery, able to elaborate accurately the patient’s anatomical data and to facilitate the definition of the best treatment plan. Thanks to the wide implant library, the implant placement can be planned, taking into consideration not only the anatomical characteristics of the site, but also the prosthetic aspects, in order to obtain a functional and esthetic rehabilitation.