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Products and solutions
Products and solutions

Products & solutions

Our implants

Geass offers to the dentists two different implant range, combined by the laser treatment surface Synthegra.

The first one is the Way implant system, caracterize by a uniue protocol for different prosthetic solutions, to be chosen according to the type of rehabilitation.
The second one is Omny, designed to facilitate dentists answering the growing requirements of patients in a simple, complete and affordable way.

Find out wich implant is the best for you!

Synthegra surface

Way and Omny implants has the Synthegra surface, a laser treatment tecnology patented by Geass.

Laser treatment surface Synthegra for dental implant

Fighting peri-implantitis

Synthegra is a smooth surface, able to obstacle bacterial adhesion. The use of laser technology makes it possible to create a geometrically controlled surface, characterized by thousands of niches each one the same as the others in terms of shape, dimension and distribution. The nature of the niches and the inter spacing is extremely smooth, a characteristic which obstacles bacterial adhesion.

Promoting osseointegration

Even if it is a smooth surface, able to obstacles bacterial adhesion, Synthegra promotes osseointegration with a greater contact osteogenesis.

way Milano dental implant for aesthetic dentistry

way milano


The implant for easthetic dentistry with conical internal connection, platform switching and Synthegra laser surface. The reduced dimension prosthetic platform, compared to the implant diameter and geometry of the restorative components…

way extra


Way Extra, the post extractive dental implant for immediate loading, has been designed for contemporaneous placement of the implant.
It reduces the number of sittings for the intervention and makes it possible to satisfy the expectations of those patients who require shorter treatment times.

Way Extra, next generation implant with…

way slim


Way Slim is the implant with Synthegra laser surface to treat cases characterized by restricted anatomical spaces, like lower incisors and upper laterals, thanks to the 3 mm diameter, a feature that makes it unique.

way Roma dental implant

way roma


The transmucous implant with Synthegra laser surface with which to manage the specifics of distal sectors. Way Roma permits correct restoration of diatoric sectors and is able to sustain masticatory loads in the long term.

short implant

way short


The transmucous short implant with Synthegra laser surface to treat cases with reduced bone height in a simple fashion. Way Short, with a length of 5 and 6.5 mm, avoids regeneration interventions, reduces invasiveness of the treatment…

way Venezia dental implant with external hexagonal connection

way venezia


The implant with the external hexagonal connection and Synthegra laser surface to manage agilely major rehabilitations. Way Venezia is the ideal implant to carry out complex restorative structures in the simplest way possible.



Omny dental implant has been designed to facilitate dentists answering the growing requirements of patients. Simple, complete, innovative and affordable, Omny reconcile clinical needs, reduced times and limited
economic availability of the patients.