Surgical kit

Surgical kit

The surgical kit contains all the surgical and prosthetic instruments of the Omny implant system line.

Surgical organizer

In the tray there are the rotary instruments and the inserts, on bottom wrenches are accomodated. Once open, the tray remains inclined for an easy access to the instruments; beneath the tray there are non-slip silicone feet.  Produced in plastic material, it is autoclavable. Supplied with x-ray template.

Spade drill

It creates a notch on the cortical bone for the subsequent drills. It produces a precise entrance point thanks to perfect centering and excellent stability during the drilling phases.

Twist drills

This prepares the implant site based on the length of the chosen implant. The measurements indicated by the notches do not include the tip of the drill, about 0.9 mm. It is therefore advisable to consider this difference when planning the perforation phases.

Drill stop

The mechanical stops are to be inserted on the twist drills to guarantee maximum safety for the Clinician and the Patient. Do not use with post-extractive techniques or with a surgical guide.

Indicator pin

Inserted into the implant site being created, it indicates axis and depth thanks to the notch.

Enlarger drill

To be used in case of D1 bone.

Drill extension

To be used with rotating instruments in order to easily reach the intervention regions between two dental elements.

Organizer for bone profiler

It hosts the Bone Profiler instruments, besides the spanners and inserts necessary for a MUA restoration, without having to sterilize the complete surgical kit.

Bone profiler

It allows to level the bone crest, thus creating the necessary space to correctly place the Mua abutment.

Guide for bone profiler

It keeps the bone profiler in the correct axis during its use, thus protecting the implant connection.

X - ray template

It presents all the sizes of Omny implants, according to the following scale:
1:1 Computerized Tomography (CT);
1,1:1 Endoral radiography;
1,25:1 Orthopantomogram (OPG).

Depth probe

The ideal instrument to verify the depth of the ostetomy, thanks to its morphology and to the references every 2 mm; the various sizes are also reported on the shank to facilitate the reading.

Inserts and spanners

To remove the implant from touch&go holder and insert into the implant site.

Inserts and spanners Microesam

To handle cover screws. To be also used with the majority of the prosthetic components of Omny implants.

Stepper insert

To handle Mua straight abutment and abutment for bar.

Equator insert

To handle Equator abutment.

Newton torque wrench

Coupled with the inserts, it is used to screw and unscrew the various devices easily and quickly, according to two modes: ratchet (no predefined torque limit) or dynamometric (calibrated torque).

Screwdriver I-Move

It allows you to use the various inserts manually, giving you the utmost perception and sensitivity in your handling.

Insert extension

To be used with the inserts in order to easily reach the intervention region between two dental elements.

Universal screwdriver

Coupled with the inserts, it provides an easy handling during the insertion of the implants, thus guaranteeing an excellent direction control.

Insertion-extractor tool Equator

To insert and extract the caps of Equator system.

Performa screwdriver

To be used in the oral cavity to handle the scanbody on the implants.

Performa driver

To be used in the oral cavity to handle the scanbody on the implants.

Performa Torque

To be used exclusively in lab to tighten the scanbody and the castable abutment in PMMA on the analog, at a predefined torque of 4 Ncm.