The profile of the prosthetic components leaves space for the tissues, avoiding any peri-implant compression, so promoting the healing processes. For the maintenance of the conditioned gingival volume over the entire treatment, the emerging profile is replicated by all components. The unique connection offers an easier management of the restoration; the wide range of prosthetic components, available in the two profiles Small and Large, allows always to choose the best restorative solution possible.

Management of soft tissues

To achieve a correct rising profile, the management of soft tissues is essential. It can be guide according to the final prosthetic reconstruction. Find out our restoration solutions.


First step for a good prosthetic elements is to transfer the implant position in a precise and accurate way. Find out our solutions.

Definitive restoration

A complete range that allows appropriate solutions, from classic components to the innovative ones. Read more.


Personalized restoration with CAD-CAM technology optimizes working times in the laboratory, offering greater flexibility in creating the shape of the prosthetic product.