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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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The perfect seal for soft tissues


Other products

In addition to the prosthetic implant solutions, Geass offer includes a wide range of products, supporting the professional in various activities, related to oral surgery and to the management of the practice.
Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the dental field, Geass selected the best partners able to offer quality products within the area of:


The regenerative dental surgery allows to remedy unfavourable anatomical and/or esthetic situations. The regenerative techniques, which are advanced surgical procedures extremely reliable, effective and minimally invasive, can foresee the insertion of biocompatible biomaterials, having different characteristics and functionalities, according to the clinical case.
Geass offers a complete range of biomaterials: from products of heterologous origin, already well-established in the clinical practice, to synthetic ones, to satisfy patients with specific needs. To complete the range, a patented gel using ozone with a cicatrising, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory effect.

Heterologous origin

The biomaterials with heterologous origin, obtained by animal tissues through specific treatments, are widely known and have a long history of use in the field of oral and maxillo-facial surgery.
The products distributed by Geass are treated with a patented deantigenation process, using enzymes, that is natural proteins able to eliminate undesirable substances precisely and selectively, thus making tissues completely biocompatible and with no treatment residues. At the same time, the biomechanical and physical properties of the native bone remain intact: the collagen is preserved in its natural conformation, to ensure a physiological remodelling.

Activabone bone pastes

Equine bone substitues, associated to an innovative polymer carrier with modulated viscosity: a wide range of solutions with controlled biological properties, texture, malleability and adhesiveness, such as to adapt perfectly to the specific geometry of the bone defects of any dimension or shape.

Calcitos granules

Long-lasting equine bone substitute. Thanks to its capacity of maintaning space, it is indicated for all applications requiring increase in volume over time.

Heart membrane

Equine origin pericardium membrane, characterized by a particularly long protection time (3-4 months), high adhesiveness to tissues and excellent tensile strength.
Practical, easy to handle and easily suturable, it is the ideal solution in various surgical applications.


Complete line of collageneted bone substitutes of equine origin: granules in vial, granules in syringe, blocks, flexible sheets and membranes, available in several variants, adapting to any clinical situation.
The enzymatic deantigenation allows to preserve the collagen of bone, guaranteeing a total remodelling in physiological terms.


Tridimensional collagen matrix for the regeneration of soft tissues. While protecting the underlying bone graft from connective cells invasion, it provides the best substrate for the spreading of soft tissue, accelerating healing.
Advantages: less patiet’s discomfort, less risk of infections, excellent final esthetic result.

Synthetic origin

The synthetic biomaterials are not composed by animal derivatives. This is a particularly important aspect for those patients who:

  • are concerned about the risk of transmission of animal pathogens, currently unknown;
  • cannot use substances deriving from prohibited animals for cultural or religious reasons;
  • do not want to use  parts of animal origin, due to life choices.

Adbone BCP

A synthetic biomaterial, designed for the filling of bone defects and suitable in all clinical situations. Made up of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) and Hydroapatite (HAp), is available in granulated form (various dimensions).


A synthetic membrane with double strata, in PLGA, biocompatible and totally reabsorbable to cover medium, large and peri-implant bone defects, creating a barrier betwen the mucosa and the bone.

Ozosan gel

Patented gel, containing stabilised ozone in concentration 0,1 ppm, able to destroy 99,9% of the microorganisms present in a dental caries or periodontal injury.
It acts as:

  • antimicrobial
  • antibacterial
  • virucidal
  • fungicide
  • anti-inflammatory
  • biostimulating (it actives the protein metabolism)
  • haemostatic

It is ready for use and it is to be applied directly in the treatment site.