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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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The perfect seal for soft tissues


Other products

In addition to the prosthetic implant solutions, Geass offer includes a wide range of products, supporting the professional in various activities, related to oral surgery and to the management of the practice.
Thanks to more than thirty years of experience in the dental field, Geass selected the best partners able to offer quality products within the area of:


Geass is at your side with two new devices, able to sanitize efficiently all rooms and in particular the dental clinics, considered one of the most risky environments for the Covid-19 infection.


iSanity is an air and surface sanitation system, using a technology based on the production of photocatalytic molecules composed by titanium dioxide, activated by a wide UV light spectrum at high-intensity. It is a natural process, studied and applied for years in the aerospace laboratories.
iSanity is effective on viruses, bacteria, moulds, gas, pollen, volatile organic compounds and fine particles, while is it absolutely harmless for people, furnishings and fabrics.
During spreading in the environment and laying on the surfaces, iSanity photocatalytic molecules destroy the carbon particles they encounter, transforming them in oxygen and water; in this way each micro-organism is destroyed and its cells degraded, naturally. Thanks to the protective film created on the surfaces, the long-lasting antibacterial and virucidal effect of the dioxide titanium remains.
Differently from the most widespread ozone systems, iSanity is active 24 hours, it does not require ventilation of the places and implies low management costs.


Victory is the electrostatic atomiser, able to divide any aqueous solution in electrically charged droplets, particularly fine and light and spreading with high mobility, by distributing homogenously on all solid surfaces with an all-round effect, ideal for complex surfaces and three-dimensional objects.
Differently from other electrostatic sprayers, Victory applies the electric charge inside each droplet, increasing the time and adhesion capacity: this will improve the benefits of the detergents, avoid dripping and limiting particles in suspension, thus reducing the time needed for disinfection.
The Victory atomisers have been designed to be used by anyone: they are light, with no cables and easy to use.