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Products and solutions
Products and solutions
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Our restoration

Way and omny dental implants offer a wide range of prosthetic solutions, to answer all of the dentist and technician’s needs.
Every implant connection has different components available, to achieve the best results in terms of

Color code

The products from the way lines have a color code designed to facilitate the user in the various restorative phases. The prosthetic components are differentiated by color code according to the platform.

Prosthetic platform

The color code of the devices in the restorative phase refers to the implant platform of the single way lines.

Management of soft


Among the variables which intervene in the implant-prosthetic treatment, the conditioning of soft tissues takes on particular relevance, as it is one of the determining factors for clinical success and is immediately noticeable to the patient. The solutions proposed by Geass allow you to correctly manage the gingival area between the apex of the…



 The solutions for impression taking are available for the various techniques with open or closed impression trays; all of which are characterized by the excellent coupling of the components, ensuring the faithful reproduction of the intraoral situation. The position of the implant can therefore be transferred in a precise and accurate manner from…

Definitive restoration


Cemented, screwed, hybrid prostheses: both the dentist and technician can count on a variety of solutions, both classic and innovative ones. From single elements to total rehabilitation, the wide prosthetic range of Geass allows you to create the ideal prosthetic reconstruction for every clinical case.



The CAD-CAM technology is more and more widespread and used for the creation of prosthetic products in dentistry. Over time, CAD-CAM has evolved to offer more and more significant advantages which are available to dentists, technicians and patients.